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XBrowser Super fast and Powerful

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The description of XBrowser

★ Minimalist & Super Fast

Less than 1M, uses minimal resources. Very smooth and fast.

★ Ad Blocking

Powerful ad blocking. Helps you to get rid of 80% of malicious ads.

★ Personalized Customization

Furnishes a lot of personalized configuration options, so it can always be
tuned to suit your taste.

★ Resource Sniffing

Powerful resource sniffing capabilities, which make it easy to download and
save web resources (video, audio, image etc).

★ Clean & Green

Clean and neat interface interaction, no news, no push, no background
services, saves battery and data flow.

★ Security and Privacy

Only needs few user privileges and provides a big bundle of security and
privacy setting options to maximize the protection of user data, security,
and privacy.

★ Gesture Function

There are many built-in shortcut gestures to make browsing operations
convenient and quick.

★ Read-Mode

Automatically extracts the body of any article for you, filters ads and
gives you a clean and tidy reading experience. Contains support for page
preload and supports integration of multiple pages into one page.

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Info Update

XBrowser 3.3.7 Update 2020-05-15 - Support for importing rules from a list of user-sharing blocking rules.- Supports sharing blocking rules to a list of user sharing rules.- Fixed an issue that was causing crashes in some cases.
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