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The description of VRoid App

VRoid Mobile is an avatar camera app that allows you to create 3D characters, change clothes, and take photos.

■ Create your own 3D avatar!
Not only can you freely combine face, hair and body parts,
Parts can be adjusted freely just by moving the slider!
The size of the head, the length of the limbs, the color of the eyes and the color of the hair can also be changed to your liking.
Create your own original 3D avatar!

■ Choose avatar “clothes” and enjoy fashion!
VRoid Mobile offers a lot of “avatar wear” designed for 3D avatars.
Coordinate clothes that suit your avatar and enjoy fashion!
Fashionable avatar wear by cutting-edge creators of “virtual fashion” will also appear one after another!

■ In the real world & virtual space! You can shoot “Avatar Photo”!
How to show the completed avatar to everyone?
VRoid Mobile is equipped with a full-featured “Avatar Camera” function that enables “emo” filters and stylish photo processing!
“AR camera” that can call 3D avatar in the real world and take pictures,
VRoid is a “virtual camera” that lets you take photos in the virtual space inside your mobile
You can enjoy two shooting modes.
Take a photo of your avatar and share it on SNS!

In addition, virtual cameras can be played simultaneously by up to four people!
Avatars in the studio can have a text chat.
Let’s gather together and enjoy group photo shooting!

* “AR Camera” can only be used with ARKit compatible models.
* Supported environments and devices may change in future updates.
* This information is current as of July 26, 2019.
* Operation is not guaranteed on all devices.

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Info Update

VRoid App 1.14.6 Update 2020-11-20 - Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to open a VRM file from a UniVRM editor extension below version 0.62.0.- Fixed a bug that made VRM files impossible to be downloaded from VRoid Hub if the old app cache was still present.- Fixed a bug that caused metadata 'version', 'contactInformation', and 'reference' not to be included in VRM files if the old app cache was still present.- The memory usage when taking photos has been reduced.- Unnecessary permissions were reduced.
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