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Snap Assist for Scrabble

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The description of Snap Assist for Scrabble

Snap Assist is the most powerful tool to improve your play at Scrabble! Learn to strategize using the powerful board solver and discover how you can make multiple crosswords in a single play. Expand your vocabulary using the built in dictionary and impress your opponents. Snap Assist has all of the features you need in an easy to use app!

– Lightning fast!
– Screenshot importing reads your game board directly into the app! Easily check what words you missed using this powerful feature.
– Local word list! You never have to be online to use Snap Assist
– Excellent word list! We checked and double checked thousands of words to ensure the accuracy of our word suggestions.

★ Having trouble with Screenshot Importing?
1) Completely zoom out before taking a screenshot. This way, the whole board is visible and Snap Assist can properly scan every tile.
2) Make sure all of your playable tiles are on the tile rack, not on the game board. This ensures the results you get are valid.
3) Make sure nothing is obscuring the game. Facebook Chat Heads, app trays, and notification pop-ups can all interfere with Word Breaker.

Privacy Notice: This app collects your device’s IP address, advertising ID, and other partner specific identifiers. These identifiers enable personalized ads and analytics to improve our app. Opt-out or learn more by visiting our Privacy Center, accessible from the app’s settings.

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Info Update

Snap Assist for Scrabble 2.0.0 Update 2020-05-13 We've included all of the most requested feature for our 2.0 release! Highlights include:-Tile Designs - a huge algorithm redesign that supports most tile designs!-Bonus Value detection - empty board tile's bonus values are now detected. This will allow you to see accurate scoring in Duels Mode and Word Rush.-Dictionary management - you can now add and remove words from the list of eligible words.-And much more!
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