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Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – eRecorder

Screen Recorder is an application that supports users to record the phone screen with precise operations.
Game Screen Recorder has tools to help gamers become true YouTube players.
Screen Recorder With Mic is an outstanding feature that helps users create a video with clear sound.

Main feature:
– Free Screen Recorder.
– Screen Recorder With Audio.
– Screen Capture.
– Screen Recorder With Face Camera.
– Internal Audio Record for Android 10+.
– Floating utility button.
– Brush Tool.
– Full HD Video: 1080P, 60PFS and 12Mbps.
– Hide Floating Utility Button while recording.
– Video Editor after recording.

Highlights of eRecorder:
– Free recording.
– Unlimited recording time.
– Pause / Resume to record easily.
– Horizontal rotation, vertical rotation.
– No Watermark.
– Update, fix bugs and update features quickly.

– Why cannot I record system audio (internal sound, game sound)?
Google doesn’t provide API for recording internal audio on Android 9 or lower but Screen Recorder has a solution, allowing users to record audio through the microphone. However, Android 10 or higher absolutely can record INTERNAL AUDIO.

– Why does the app crash immediately after start recording?
Chances are, the resolution, bit rate, the quality you choose is causing an error or incompatibility with your device.
The fix: lower the resolution, bit rate, quality, and try again.

– Why did I get blank videos with only audio when I record a film?
When you record a movie on these entertainment applications (Netflix, Telly, OSN Play …), you can only receive a video with the black screen.
It is due to the copyright issue of these entertainment applications, which have to prevent users from screen recording to protect their content.

We always try to bring the best experience to our users. We are ready to listen to any problems and errors users encounter. Send us your feedback:

Email: screenrecorder@ecomobile.vn

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