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The description of Rummy City App

Play this rummy card game online for free!

Rummy City free online card game, it is a mobile card game, so you can play cards online with friends anytime, anywhere!

Rummy City Rummy Solitaire provides the best Rummy Card game experience on Android devices. Rummy City ensures fairness when you enjoy great games.

Play Rummy City online card game and test your real-time Rummy skills with online free Rummy card games! Just learn the rules of Rummy and start playing this classic online card game with friends!

How to play Rummy
When starting the next Rummy game, please keep the following rules in mind:-
1. The ultimate game of Rummy is a game between 2 to 5 players.
2. The game uses two standard decks, each with 52 cards.
3. Each player will deal with 13 cards.
4. To win the game, you need to arrange the available cards into a valid order or group.
5. You can create a sequence by placing more than 3 running cards. However, these cards should be the same. For example, you can create a sequence similar to 5♥6♥7♥.
6. You can create a set by combining 3 cards with the same face value but different suits. For example, 3♥3♠3♣.
7. A Joker card will be selected at the beginning of each game. Can be used instead of any other card. In other words, if you don’t have a card in 3♥3♠3 in, you can use Joker in that position.
8. One or more clowns can be used to complete sequences and sets.
9. If there is no joker card, create a pure sequence. However, in 5♥6♥7♥, you can use Joker card instead of 6, but the sequence will not be pure.
10. Two sequences must be completed to complete, it should be a pure sequence.
Product Features
1. High-definition graphics and slick design.
It can also work normally in 2.2G and 3G data connections.
3. Rich game statistics can track your performance.
4. Multiple ways to log in.
5. Funny expressions.
Come download it!

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