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Plakoto Tapa – Mahbuse

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The description of Plakoto

Recommend the game to your friends, go online and play with them!

Plakoto is one of three backgammon games popular in Greece (Πλακωτο). The other two are Fevga and Portes. The three games together are called Tavli.
Plakoto is also played in Bulgaria where it is known as Tapa and in Middle East where it known as Mahbouseh, محبوسة, Mahbuse.

* No Banners, only ads between games!
* 7 game boards and ALL for FREE!
* 6 difficulty levels
* Online multiplayer
* Online ELO rating
* Bluetooth multiplayer
* One or Two player mode
* Game dice statistics
* Dices without cheat
* Game does not eat battery
* Long move
* Undo move
* Small package size

Main difference from Narde and Tawla 31: pinning the blots. In Plakoto player’s skills give more than 90% probability to win. Regular Backgammon gives only about 70%.

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Info Update

Plakoto 12.8.0 Update 2020-06-05 [v12.8.0]√ Many new boards!!![v12.6.0]√ Ability to become VIP[v12.1.0]* Added: Saudi Arabia, Niger, Palestine* Ability to set online own avatar on Xiaomi* Other improvements[v12.0.0]* Add new countries: Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, Madagascar, Moçambique, Uganda countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, Perú, Venezuela
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