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The description of KORE

With the KORE mobile app for Android, you can access the SoilEssentials KORE platform, a precision agriculture application for companies, agronomists and farmers – anywhere, anytime. The mobile app lets farmers, agronomists, advisors and field staff, view and explore high resolution drone imagery, different satellite images, soil texture maps and soil sampling results.

Key features of SoilEssentials KORE for Android

• View drone and satellite images on your android device
• Zoom into images to examine crop problems, weed patches and soil texture
• View and share crop problem zones with the cloud app
• Take geo-referenced images and notes on crop problems and share them with colleagues on the KORE web application
• View your field boundaries and automatically detect which field images and notes should be associated with

Note: To use the SoilEssentials KORE app with your own business data, you must be running the SoilEssentials KORE system as your precision ag provider.

Features include:
• Mobile app for in-field use
• GPS tagged images to record crop and field problems
• View crop images on the web app
• Display of all your field data, satellite and drone images from the KORE system
• Same login as the KORE web app

• Easily share all your field information with your colleagues
• Record and share geo-referenced crop problems
• Automatic field detection
• Use your device GPS to locate crop problems

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Info Update

KORE RC - 1.12 Update 2019-07-01 Some tweaks and fixes
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