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The description of Instance App

Where we live, and when we have free-time are always changing. Instance empowers you to start and find your own events and activities, as well as break down the barriers and stress that keeps us from making new friends. No real life activity app lets you have this level of speed, convenience, comfort, or control over how you spend your precious free time, and who you allow to share your favorite safe public spaces. With a few button presses, you’re already registered, logged-in, and with new people, with none of the stress of initiating a conversation. Instance doesn’t force you to just accept a situation: you have total control over your own events, can learn about potential new guests first, and control who can and can’t attend your events in an instant and non-confrontational way. You are assured, that everyone who wants to join you, either shares your interests, or are open-minded and excited to learn about your interests.
There are soon to be millions of people who will join you because they are interested in you, and they want to share common interests with you. Bring your ball , and play soccer on your lunch break. Bring your game system and play with a new friend at the coffee shop. Start playing your guitar, and have a concert in the park. Sit down at your favorite pub and watch the game with other fans. The possibilities are always changing every day, even minute to minute.
If you feel open-minded, why not join an existing Instance, and perhaps even start lifetime friendships. Some of our best friends, were once people we didn’t know!
With Instance, the world becomes full of open-doors and infinite possibilities.
Instance isn’t about fees, stress, romance, or selling your information.
Instance was made by a small team of individuals that want to genuinely make the Real world a safer, happier, more connected place!
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Instance App 1.0.1 Update 2019-05-16 Increase app stability
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