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Hyundai Digital Key (for supported vehicles)

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The description of Hyundai Digital Key App

Introducing Hyundai Digital Key! Using Hyundai Digital Key, you can quickly access and control your Digital Key equipped vehicle using your smartphone. Hyundai Digital Key also allows you to easily create, share and manage digital keys to give friends or family access to your vehicle. With Hyundai Digital Key, you can:

Lock, unlock and start your Hyundai (requires NFC)
Using your smartphone, simply tap your phone on the door handle to lock or unlock your vehicle. When you’re ready to drive, just place your smartphone on the wireless charging pad to start your vehicle.

Remotely control your vehicle using Bluetooth
Hyundai Digital Key lets you remotely control your vehicle from a distance using Bluetooth technology. Use the button in the app to remotely start/stop your engine, lock/unlock your doors, turn panic mode on/off or open your trunk.

Share and manage digital keys
When you want to give someone access to your vehicle, easily create and send them a digital key. Once the invite is accepted, they will be able to use the Hyundai Digital Key app to access or control your vehicle based on the permissions and time period you’ve allowed. Also pause your own digital keys or delete shared keys using the app or on MyHyundai.com.

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Info Update

Hyundai Digital Key App Update 2021-04-23 • Added notification when a Remote Lock via Bluetooth isn’t successful• Resolved an issue causing some users to see a “System Error” message• Other bug fixes and improvements
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