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The description of Heaven Toon

【Heaven Toon】 is a high-quality comic book reading artifact, providing the world’s comic lovers with a vast amount of Japanese / Korean / Chinese. Manga, Manhua, Webtoon resources, only to provide users with the best comic reading experience, only to let you find interesting manga.

【Manga classification is rich】
A lot of classifications to meet all the comic needs of the fascination. Love manga, action manga, fantasy manga, horror manga, enchantress manga, superhero manga, comedy manga, webtoon, and more.

【Popular manga daily update】
All manga are updated regularly, new manga are released every week, hot manga are updated every day, and the fastest update speed of the whole network.

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Info Update

Heaven Toon 1.0.4 Update 2020-03-17 Fix follow manga and fix bugs!
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