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Famous People History Quiz about Great Persons

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The description of Famous People

There are the 459 most recognizable persons from the world history in this app: kings and queens, politicians and musicians, actors and film directors. Can you guess whose portraits are shown and collect all stars in all levels?
From Alexander the Great to Benjamin Franklin; from Joan of Arc to Fred Astaire; from Louis Armstrong to Winston Churchill.

The game is divided into two Levels based on the difficulty of questions.
Level 1 – 120 well-known persons (Julius Caesar, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.)
Level 2 – 112 heroes that are harder to identify: Blaise Pascal, Igor Sikorsky and many other important philosophers, inventors, and rulers.
And four ‘professional’ levels:
1) Writers (William Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy);
2) Composers (Johann Sebastian Bach and Leonard Bernstein);
3) Painters (Michelangelo and Georgia O’Keeffe).
4) Scientists (Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin).

In each level, you can choose several game modes:
* Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).
* Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options). It’s important to remember that you have only 3 lives.
* Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute) – you should give more than 25 correct answers to get a star.
Two learning tools where you can browse all celebrities in the application without guessing:
* Flashcards: here you can find a brief biographical info about each person and a link to the full biography in the encyclopedia.
* Tables for each level.

The app is translated into 24 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and many others.
Advertisements can be removed by an in-app-purchase.

This quiz has a lot of pictures of legendary men and women from all epochs and from many countries and cultures. I recommend this app for everyone interested in the world history. Do you know how Thomas Edison or Ernest Hemingway looked like? Check your erudition! I constantly update this app by adding new people and the current total number of famous persons in the app is 459.

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Info Update

Famous People 3.0.0 Update 2020-03-05 + 9 new persons (Francis Drake, Maria Montessori, and others).+ Croatian language. Now the app is translated into 24 languages, including English and many others.+ Rotation of the screen (portrait / landscape).+ In-app-purchase to remove ads.
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