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Easy Dashcam App

An easy car driving camera app with video recording to record your car trip. Fully compatible with Android Q+

A Carcam may also be good for you in certain situations as evidence of this.

New: Video recording in the background is now possible. Just click on the white camera picture on the main menu ! Start recording videos in the background now
and use your favourite navigation application during recording.

A “good” smartphone with at least 3 GB of memory should be used for the dashcam app. So from Galaxy s3. For old smartphones, the app will certainly be slow as well as the video recording.

Please read before bad ratings are given:

The quality of the videos depends on:

1. The camera itself (megapixels)
2. Selected video quality for video recording.

Please note that the videos at a high resolution of course also have a large file size.

On the smartphone should be minium 2 GB and larger than free space available for the video recordings.

It will use the feautures needed for a simple / advanced dashcam.

Current features:

– Camera recording takes place in landscape & portrait mode
– The resolution can be set in the settings
– Motion Sensor for motion detection
– Driving speed can be activated to display the speed in km/h or mi/h
– The recording time can be set after minutes.
– Loop recording is possible. After the recording time has been set, a new video is starting.
– The oldest video will be deleted automatically.

Additional features are planned.

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