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Cubic Mahjong 3D

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The description of Cubic Mahjong

Cubic Mahjong 3D is an interesting puzzle game. It becomes one of the most popular games because of 3D mahjong interface and simple rules.
No matter how much time you have, Cubic Mahjong 3D will be your best partner.
The goal of this game is searching for two identical mahjong cubes and pair them, after removing all the cubes, game’s finished. And this game also has Mahjong,Plants,Mystery Symbol patterns for you too choose.
There’s no time limitation and you can challenge your brain in this game.
Don’t miss it!

1. Choose two identical mahjong cubes, if the left or right side of mahjong cube is empty, they can be paired and removed.
2. Players can rotate and zoom in and out the mahjong cubes. There are also hint and shuffle functions.
3. The mahjong cube you choose will show on the upper left.

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Info Update

Cubic Mahjong 1.3.00 Update 2021-01-12 1.Added 300 levels.2.Added Plants and Mystery Symbol patterns.
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