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The description of CityBus Kharkiv App

Smartest app for tracking public transport of Kharkiv.

* ATTENTION! Location data for trams and trolleys is available. In addition to electric transport, only certain bus routes (mainly suburban) are currently available for monitoring, which are served by ATP 16329. Due to the nature of the carrier’s work, individual vehicles may be located on other routes than indicated in the appendix. Routes on which potentially available vehicles for monitoring are marked with different signs.

* Main app function – transport tracking – depends on the functioning of an external source of GPS data. Cooperation of the source and app is not guaranteed. Also, given the significant intervals of data updates sometimes, there may be some differences between the real transport position and the one that shown in the application.

– Only actual information. CityBus filters data not to show you things, which aren’t there.

– Favourites. CityBus gives you possibility to save your favorite routes lists and apply them in just a couple of taps.

– Smart view. On map zoom in you will see all vehicles, equipped with GPS-trackers, not only of selected routes.

– Routes search. You only need to choose two points on a map, search results could be filtered and applied to display suitable vehicles.

– Real-time transition. Received info about coordinates, speed and heading is enough to predict with high probability real-time vehicle location. Displaying movement on a map is animated, almost no jumps.

– Traffic optimization. All useful info is already inside this app.

– Speed and heading visualization. Only one glance at map allows you to determine heading and speed of vehicles you need. Depending on speed changes size of colored area of ring around marker, and its center points in a direction the bus is heading.

– Color routes identification. Distinguishing routes is quite easy, ’cause every selected route is determined not only by its number, but although by color of its marker.

Bus routes are based on information provided by the Kharkiv Transport website http://gortransport.kharkov.ua/

The application uses open data provided by the Kharkiv City Council (http://data.city.kharkov.ua/) on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “About access to public information”

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Info Update

CityBus Kharkiv App 2.2.2 Update 2021-01-18 - The smoothest possible animation of transport (optional, enabled by default on devices with high-resolution screens)- Scale ruler- The order of start & end points of the route in the "smart stop" corresponds to the direction of the vehicle- Some minor bugfixes
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