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Carrom Board Disc Pool Game

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The description of Carrom

Hope everyone is safe and enjoying. Well, do you love carrom games variation?

Enjoy our new game from boardgames category, this is Carrom Board game कैरम बोर्ड गेम

Enjoy carrom board game with friends and have fun.

Rules are simple and easy to learn:-

Carrom game New game of 2020 is a strike based game similar to billiards, or pools game. Indian carrom (also known as karrom or carom) use the finger to shoot the pieces.

Features of carrom disc pool game:-
> Challenges to keep you on your toes
> Simple and effective game controls
> Easy and fun game
> Best board game

A game in which two players or four players hit pucks & balls into holes at the edges of a table using a long stick called a cue.carrom game Grab a cue and take your best shot! Play the pool game “indian game” in this classic pool of ball game.

Be a Super Star of the carrom board game and game will give you the experience of playing with a real carromboard.

कैरम बोर्ड गेम सबसे अच्छा बोर्ड गेम है। कैरम गेम मल्टीप्लेयर है

Check more carrom pool disc game on Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrom

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