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The description of Bunny Hops!

Need to liven up the party? It’s time to get some “Bunny Hops!” into your life!
With over 40 different deck themes, “Bunny Hops!” is perfect to play with family and friends. The perfect game for an endless dinner with Grandma, to shake things up before a night out, or for the next family game night!

Place your phone on your forehead and guess the words that appear on the screen as your friends describe them to you. With over 10,000 words to guess you’ll be entertained for hours.

More than 40 themes available including:

– Animal Kingdom
– Americana
– The Big Screen
– Accents and impressions
– Food of the World
– Adults Only
– Gamers, Footie, Britannia, Party!, and many more!

The game is played with a minimum of 2 people and there’s not max on how many can join! Difficulty levels range from 1 to 4 depending if you want smooth sailing or you’re up for a challenge. You can even film your game and review the funniest moments to share them with your friends on any social media.

Install “Bunny Hops!” today for free!

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Info Update

Bunny Hops! 1.3.1 Update 2020-09-30 The #1 Trivia game in France and Italy is now live in English !Fed-up with the never-ending family diners ? Willing to take your parties with friends to the next level ?So hop on the 50 shades of fun that Bunny Hops has prepared for you.Bunny Hops is the funniest, craziest, and most complete charade game ever. Welcome on board !
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